Narinder Biba Gave Voice to My Songs: Harbans Singh Jagyasu

Narinder Biba Gave Voice to My Songs: Harbans Singh Jagyasu: Punjabi famous writer Harbans singh Jagyasu who penned down so many hit songs and had sung by famous Punjabi singer Narendra Biba.

Harbans Singh Jagyasu was a doctor by profession and along with doctor, he contributed greatly in Punjabi literature. At this time he is over 80 years old but his writing spirit is still young.

After getting Pharmacy, he got a government job. At this time Punjab and Himachal was united he was employed in the district of Kangra (Himachal Pradesh). After that, Harbans Singh Jagyasu moved to USA and wrote the Book ‘Jigyasa Chakar’ then his name became Jigyasu.

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